Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here's a Clucker of a Story

Okay all of you Chinese food eating, Diet Coke drinking people out this...

Lone atrial fibrillation precipitated by MSG and Aspartame

I'll leave the title in the approximate font size I tried to copy. It means I am yelling at you. Clink on the link to the article from the OpEdNews. Roughly translated, eating too much MSG and drinking too much Aspartame can kill you.

I have long harangued my siblings about the evil of drinking Diet Coke, to which some are addicted. The Aspartame is the devil behind it all. I guess we've all known that MSG isn't good for us but have been ignoring it for decades.

So, read this for yourself. Read other information. Do your own research. Talk amongst yourselves. Then make up your own mind.

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