Friday, January 22, 2010

Female Football Fans Unite - Call CBS - No Dobson Ad

Okay, this is a post that is a direct result of what I like to call "getting my Irish up". I just heard that James Dobson/Focus on the Family group will air a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl to proselytize against abortion. I say, keep your proselytizing out of my football viewing.

Everyone who knows me knows I am a big football fan. They also know I am pro-choice. But even if I were anti-choice (I won't say pro-life because I don't think these people give a damn about people who are actually alive.) I wouldn't want to be preached to while I am watching football anyway. Keep your morality for your pulpits, not the public moshpits, Dobson.

I wonder, is Dobson trying to balance out all of the erectile dysfunction ads aired during the Super Bowl? If so, then why target women? Ah yes, it's all our fault to begin with as in Eve and the apple. It all comes back to that. That is why we should not be allowed to make our own decisions about our own bodies - especially when it's about an outcome of the devil's act - sex. It's the same reasoning that allows insurance companies to cover Viagra but not birth control.

Insurance companies will pay to allow men to get it up, which of course means to allow them to have sex, but punish women who want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, who want to avoid abortions in the first place, by not covering their birth control. Then of course, since it's all their fault for getting pregnant in the first place, the sluts that they are, women are punished further by being stigmatized when they have to walk through the picket lines to receive a legal medical procedure.

The thing is...the fundamental beliefs that Focus on the Family promote really do include the ideas that women are the problem, that they should be subservient and should submit to their husband in all things. Women and their children are property to men like Dobson.

Dobson needs to keep his so-called morality out of my football. Since he thinks he's preaching to the boys' club, however, maybe he should tell them to keep their penises in their pants and nip the problem in the bud, so to speak. Instead, he praises the fact that Mrs. Tebow ignored her doctor's advice, which of course could have left her other four children motherlesss. Yes, the burden is always on the woman to make the ultimate sacrifice, isn't it?

The fact that the outcome of Mrs. Tebow's decision was a good one, that both the mother and child survived, is irrelevant. The fact is, this was Mrs. Tebow's choice; Focus on the Family wants to take that choice away from me. He would deny me the very act of making that choice - a choice Mrs. Tebow had the freedom to make - for fear I may choose abortion.

He is being entirely hypocritical - and UnAmerican, I might add. Americans are proudly independent and feel they should be allowed to make such a personal decision without interference from the government. Isn't that what the conservative right is always hammering about? By wanting to deny me that right, Dobson is treating me like a child - less than an adult - and that is unconstitutional.

Why would I want to watch a TV show that would allow Dobson to promote his beliefs against me? Believe me, I won't if this ad gets aired. I can live without football, but not without my principles.

To call CBS to complain about the Dobson ad, call 212-975-4321. I asked to talk to the person in charge of advertising for the Super Bowl. Keep doing that until a person says "Well, maybe I can help you". Then tell the person that you will not watch the Super Bowl if the Dobson/Focus on the Family ad is aired.

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